Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IMT Week 14...

...or week 6 depending on how you look at it.
On the Ironman training I mean.
It's been far too long since I've written. I mean, I post somewhere pretty much everyday, but just not so much straight writing here. If I compiled it all, I could have a small book. Really small book.

Anyway, Things are going VERY well with the training. My swim, while always the thing that worries me the most is coming along nicely. I swam 4 kilometers last night (that's the IM distance), and felt pretty good after.
I got a new, and fast Tri-bike several weeks ago so have been training on it. The setup is very aggresive compared to what I'm used to. By that, I mean, I am in a very "aero" position, my head is very low. This causes a lot of neck strain, but it's something I just train through at the moment. I'm pretty sure I'll be making more adjustments as it gets closer to race day. The trick is to be in as aero AND comfortable of a position as you can. These two things don't necessarily go hand in hand. It'll be something of a compromise. The bike looks so sweet. I got an aero helmet too, so even if I don't ride it well, I'll at least LOOK the part. haha
The last few weeks have had some pretty big rides: 75-85 miles on the actual IM course. It's no joke. There are a thousand hills (rollers) on that course. Where I live is completely flat and I am pretty fast there. The IM course... well, it requires a different strategy than I'm used to so that I don't over-exert and burn out. That's why I'm doing all my long training rides there. My legs are starting to come around... I've got a 5.5 hr ride on Saturday plus a short run after. I plan on starting very early to get it done. I usually don't get out until 2 or 3 o'clock, and it's dark by the time I get done. Hate that...

My running has also gotten MUCH stronger. I remember struggling to get sub 10min for 5 miles, Now I can run in the 8's for more than 10 miles. I also got a sub 2hr Half Marathon distance during a 15.1 mile run on Sunday. I wish I would have paced the whole run a little faster rather than do what I did: waited until miles 12 and 13 to open up for 7 min miles. That hurt. And in fact, I strained my ankle a little. Probably from poor form since I was already a little tired.
Anyway, the next day was a swim, and I'm taking today off to recover. The rest of the week contains shorter bricks plus a 3 hour run and the long bike for Saturday.

It's getting closer... the race I mean. I have these three weeks of really big hour training, and then begins the three week taper down. I have some open water swims scheduled soon to get that little phobia under control. I need a wetsuit...

Ok enough for now. I'll try to write more here in the coming weeks... for posterity if nothing else.