Saturday, May 16, 2009

Haircuts And Vampires

I'm sitting at the barbershop right now waiting for Tristan to get a haircut. We're running around town taking care of a few errands before I have to go to church tonight to jam.

Last night, I let Amy stick me in the vein with a needle. She has looked at the bulging veins in my arm with what can only be described as lust ever since she finished her Phelbotomy class. She started her clinicals at the hospital this week, and was able to bring home a couple of butterfly needle yesterday. It's a very small needle for people with hard to get at veins. Anyway, I was going to be her first stick back when, but that didn't work out. I let her stick me anyways and she got it right on the first try... which she has done on all of her other clinical "sticks" as well.

She's going to be a good little vampire.
I'm so proud of her!