Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six More

I went to the doc's today for another follow-up and x-rays on my foot.

6 more weeks!!

I can't believe it. I'm old.
The broken bone is healing, but very slowly.
6 more weeks of no high impact activity, and I'm not complaining about this part, or heavy work, including climbing poles or ladders. The short-term disability continues...

I would MUCH MUCH rather that this had never happened. I mean, I am blessed to have a job that provides full short-term disability benefits, but it sucks not being able to train the way I want to. I won't be able to be "competitive" in my upcoming race.
I will be walking through the Run portion of the triathlon. That being the case, I will KILL the swim and the bike. I'll focus all of my training and energy on those two.

In other news: I had my body fat measured this morning by a Trainer before my workout.
10% Body fat!!
I guess that's alright for a guy my age. haha I don't really think I'm that old or anything, but I think it IS pretty good for my age.

Anyway. I have some photo work to do today. Bing Bang Bong I'm on it.