Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Race

So I did the race today.


It was cold, and rainy, and kinda sucked, but was kinda AWESOME!

It rained all the way from Houston to Athens. All the way.

I was afraid that the friends that I had persuaded to come along... actually it was by accident that I persuaded them, I just told them how fun it was and next thing I know, they're signing up, anyway, I was afraid that they would think the whole thing sucked and never want to race again. This wasn't the case. They loved it and one of them even toughed it out through a cold or flu or something.

The one friend that I really wanted to beat, beat me. haha yeah, he beat me by 22 seconds. Can you believe that crap?? I beat him in the swim, transition 1, transition 2, AND the run, but he kicked my butt on the bike. He's a really muscular guy, and his legs got him over those frakkin' hills a lot faster than mine did. It was still a sweet race, and because he started after me on the swim, he never physically caught up with me. That would have been devastating. haha. He and I are well matched. I will be sure and work on my bike for the next race May 2.

Just like last year, Amy was there supporting me and taking pictures which I'll be sure and get up sometime this century. I say this because I haven't even posted the pics from the last race.

::sigh:: Oh, how I procrastinate.

On another note, tomorrow church, then Monday: DISNEY WORLD!!

More on that later...