Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 8- A Change Of Plans

We've decided to stay another day in Wyoming. We really want to see a Grizzly so another evening out at Lamar gives us a better chance.

I can't even remember everything we've done today... so much driving, so many places, so many photos.
We've taken over 2000 now I think.
Thank goodness I have this little laptop to upload them all to.

We took the doors off the Jeep again. I figured out a better way to load them in the back with all the other gear stacked around them. A tight fit, but it works. I like hanging my feet out on the running board taking pictures while Amy drives. I feel like a real Safari guy. That usually doesn't last very long though because she doesn't like driving on the more precarious roads, and there are a LOT of those here.

We've also changed our plans for driving home. instead of just going back sort of the way we came, we're going to swing out to South Dakota and see the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore. It should only add another 2 or 300 miles to the trip. No biggy, plus we'll get to pass through South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. ha!
So, that also means we won't be dropping in on you next week, Wes. That's a real bummer because we wanted you to show us the cool places to hang out on old Route 66.
maybe we'll catch you on our next trip. I am CERTAIN there will be one.

Check ya later.