Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 2- Winter Park, Co

While we're in Colorado, we've decided to stay at the timeshare and do some day hikes, among other things, while we relaaaax.

What an awesome drive in. It was a little rainy when we got into the mountains, but the cloud formations looked so cool pouring over the peaks. The roads were pretty slick and treacherous through the switchbacks, but I wasn't nervous at all. I just put the Jeep in 4wd and enjoyed the incredible view over the cliffs.
Amy, however, literally chewed her new fingernails off. She does not like driving through the mountains, especially when it's all wet.
I wanted to stop on the shoulder and get some photos, but Amy wasn't having it. hahaha She's such a scardy cat.

It's a little colder here than I thought... it got down into the 40's while we were crossing the pass. It might be a little more chilly if we hike up another 1000'.
Next week, we'll be driving North to Montana, that's another 800 miles. I hope it doesn't get colder as we go, because THAT'S where we'll be doing the long overnight hikes.

These are the peaks of Winter Park in the background from our lodge parking lot.