Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Athens Sprint Triathlon Photos

I finally have the photos from the Athens Triathlon.
While it was a lot of fun having new friends join me in it this year, I don't know if I want to do another one that early in the year again. It's just too cold, and the weather has been crappy for the past two years now. I think I'll wait until April next year.

As this year goes, I've got another Sprint Tri on May 2nd that should be a lot of fun. Then I'll start my 70.3 Ironman build up in June. I have at least a few friends that are going to do that one as well so the competition factor will be alive and well.

The Starters.
What did I tell you last year? I am among them THIS year. wooho! Just a little bit intimidated...

The guy standing next to me is a 30 year Tri veteran, but only seriously for the past 10 years. Great. He's the only one that past me in the swim though.

Making the goggles stick.


Done with the swim, now out into the Arctic air.

Transition Area.

Leaving transition area to the bike course.

Leaving second transition to the run course.

Taking a cup of water even though I don't need it... I just feel rude if I don't take it, ya know?

More running.

The girl in front of me seeded number 8! I caught up with her from seed 41. I though she was going to blow the doors of this race when I saw her seed number before the start.

THIS is the guy... this is the guy who beat me by 23 seconds. We are locked in a serious competition right now. haha

Changed into some warmer clothes after the race.

All the guys in our group that did the race. Good times!

I dunno, maybe I will do Athens again next year...