Monday, April 11, 2011

Fitting Blind Cuts Backdoor

The fitting on my bike went well this morning. He seemed to know what he was doing, and ultimately the bike felt much better, not to mention it just looks cooler in the aero position. I can wait until my knee starts feeling better so I can try it out.
While I was there, I bought a couple of new tires and had the techs put them on for me.
The customer service at this bike shop is impeccable. They've made a happy customer out of me.
The old tires had well over 3000 miles on them which is way over what they're rated for. I was getting flats on almost every other ride. The new ones are sort of "armored" tire. Diggin the red pen stripe on them too.

Later, I Wen to Lowes and had new blinds cut for the rest of the house. They cut at least one incorrectly so I'm sitting here now waiting for the blind cutter lady to help me out. Ugh.
I also bought a new back door with install. They should be coming out tomorrow to come up with an estimate.
I'm looking forward to having that squared away. I installed a new backdoor myself several years ago and it's NEVER been right.
Oh, how I hate carpentry work.
Cool. The blind cutting lady just showed up.


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