Monday, February 23, 2009

Wetsuits, 80s Movies, And Roadtrips

It was 40˚ this morning.
I went to the gym with my wetsuit and did a little swimming in it to get that "wetsuit" feel back.
I hate that feeling...

At first the wetsuit is kind of itchy as it pulls the little hairs all over your body. Then, when you jump in the water, you get the sensation that you are wearing floaties, sort of bobbing around until the suit gets waterlogged. This feeling goes away pretty quickly as the cold water begins to seep through the fibers of the suit. Finally, you stop bobbing and can get started on yet another early morning workout.
With no one else around to help motivate you.
Ironically, I think 'm doing better this year alone that I did last year with training buddies. Hmmm

Anyway, I managed to get a decent workout with it. The suit is kind of a cheap one. While it does still offer some level of buoyancy, it also holds a lot of water in the arms and legs, several pounds I would guess. I feel it most in the arms so with each stroke, I get a little more tired than what I normally would.
But like I said, I still managed to get through a decent workout and have realized that this will be my last race with this suit. By fall, I will get one of the faster, slicker seal suits.
For the rest of the week, I'm going to be concentrating on swimming with it and doing some minor tweaking on my stroke for open-water.

Last night, Tristan and I watched the movie Crossroads with Ralph Machio. It's the one about a kid who is a musical prodigy at Julliard, but loves Blues music. He finds this old man that is some sort of "Blues Legend" in a Nursing home sort of prison for older inmates. He promptly busts him out and they make their way back to the old man's home in Mississippi where he wants to somehow win back his soul that was sold to the devil, Legba.
"But he don' go by dat name no mo'. He go by Scratch! Er'body kno' dat!"
Good stuff... after I edited out the F-bombs, P-bombs, and a few S-bombs sprinkled throughout. Can't have Tristan learning any new words just yet.
Yeah right. I just don't want him using them.
Lot o' fun.

Amy and I went for a ride in the Jeep yesterday afternoon and she came up with a grand idea as we talked about our vacation this year.

We will go on an adventure!
We were already planning on flying to Colorado for a backpacking trip at Indian Peaks, but now, we're going to drive it.
A Roadtrip!
We'll plan it all out of course, but we'll also take our mountain bikes, back packs, AND the Jeep! It will be SO much fun. I think I will have to hurry and get that soft top though so we can ride around wild and free when we want to. We may even take a few days longer than we originally planned since the driving will obviously take longer. It'll be RICH!

That's all for now, have a great afternoon!