Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Gotcha.

Good things said in the comments of the last entry and I appreciate it. I just can't comment back with my phone for some reason, but I CAN post an entry, so here we go.
Ironically, I am in the second church service of the day right now. Only one more to go. We are really excited about the move, and some of your comments confirmed what we already felt. It's going to be a better lifestyle.

If it's not raining today, I think we're going to go out and shoot some things with cameras. I found some pretty cool subjects on my bike ride yesterday. A friend and I did a 20 mile ride yesterday and it felt great! He's a little slow so I was holding back for him, but I would blow the soot out every now and again and then come back. In other words, the training is going well.

See you all tomorrow, hopefully with some new photos.