Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Hero Does AC Repair

So we got up this morning with the AC still not working. HOWEVER, luckily, I had bought a very small window unit to cool a small part of the house last year. It's tiny, but it managed to keep that room cool, so that's where we slept.

After Amy did some research on the Internet, we figured that the problem was either the outside fan motor, or the capacitor.
I bought a capacitor for $40, and installed it. It worked... better, but the motor was still having trouble. I can get a motor for $200, and install it as well. I probably saved myself a couple of hundred bucks by doing it myself, and I feel like a hero. ::ahem::

We're off in the country for my Father in Law's birthday so I'm going to go check out the starry sky now. Cya.


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