Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things And Stuff

Wow, I just got back from a great jam session.
Well, it was actually a rehearsal, but at the end, the band just sort of took off on the song Broadway by George Benson. Everyone got a solo, including yours truly.
Fun stuff there.

Amy finished with her classroom training tonight. She doesn't have the word yet on her final grade, but I KNOW she passed with flying colors. I've already figured it up for her, but, worry-wart that she is, she won't believe and celebrate it. Now all she has left is the clinical stuff starting in a couple of weeks. She can't wait to start sticking REAL people with needles. Did I mention that shes a bit of a sadist? I'll be sleeping with one eye open from now on.

Workouts are still going well. I did a mile swim this morning and it felt good. For some reason, no one is showing up for morning swims lately. I've been the only one in the pool this week.
It may be time to drop my swim coach. He didn't show up either...

Ok, time for bed, 'night.