Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lights And Carrots And Sticks

Today, Amy and I are going to meet up with a fellow photographer, her cousin actually.

She is taking a hiatus from the business of photography and so has offered to sell us a lot of her studio equipment very cheap.

Non-Strobed lights, backdrops, and props.
Awesome. I love getting new toys.

I went for a ride yesterday afternoon. It. Was. Hard.
Note to self, no more afternoon rides. The wind is up at that time. 17 mph head winds are just no fun. I rode 25 miles, but it felt like 50.
That being said, if I want to get a grueling workout in, afternoon is the PERFECT time of day.
The great news is that my knee didn't bother me at all. I think I can say: my IT band is finally healed.
Now, take it easy and build back up slow. No 100 mile rides for a while.

This Saturday is the Texas Ironman Race which I am volunteering for. As a volunteer, I'll have the opportunity to early register for the 2012 IM.
Cost: $625

If I look at it as a once in a lifetime, bucketlist sort of thing, I can swallow it, but man, that's a lot of dough to throw down for a single day of pain, and suffering, and fun... one YEAR from now.
Oh well. This is how these things are done.
It's the carrot on the stick that will keep me going hard for another year.