Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 11- The LONG Drive Home

After Mt. Rushmore, we started the drive home.
We finally caught up with the rain when we started south while Amy was driving. Since she doesn't like to drive in the rain at night, I drove the first shift straight through until around 7:30am. That was a long stretch, but it was made easy by all the movies I watched on the laptop,
All told, we logged 4,285 miles. That would be the longest road trip I've ever been on.

Instead of driving all the way to Houston, we stopped in at my mother-in-law's which is about 100 miles north. I'm glad for the break since I am so friggin' tired.

I'll start looking at all of the photos when I get home on a decent computer. Wow... almost 5,000 shots! SURELY some of these are good...
We shall see.