Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Repost, circa March 2006

Today, we drove back home to Houston.
Allie really is gone. This fact struck me when I first woke up this morning, but the pain, I noticed, had abated a bit.

We've been talking on and off about her, looking at old pictures, and just remembering the good times, and the crazy times with her.
It feels different around the house. Something is missing...

I found this old JournalSpace entry I wrote about her back in '06. I can't believe that was almost 5 years ago...
I'll go ahead and repost it since I don't really feel like writing today.

A Rescue Story
posted 03/22/06
JournalSpace- Ashlar

This is my child, one of my children anyways. Buttercup.

We found her at a Boxer rescue agency here in Houston.
They said they found her wandering around in an old neighborhood trying to find shelter from the rain. She was extremely malnourished and neglected. She was probably just deserted or dropped off by her previous owner. We think she had been beaten as well.
In those early days, she would always shrink away from an outstretched hand no matter how kind the person might be. If you came in the room carrying anything like a broom, mop, or even a box, she would cower away to the other side of the room watching your intentions with a honed sense of self-preservation.

I remember when we first met her.
We went to the sponsor's house to have a look after researching her on the internet. She came out of her kennel fast, made a couple of sprinting loops around the room, and came to rest on top of my son licking his face in a frenzy. We were hooked. After filling out the adoption paperwork, I carried her in my arms to the truck and we began our life together. She had a new name before we got home. Allie.

She has been with us now for over four years and I can truly say, she is the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Actually, to use the word 'own' does not describe our relationship very well. She is a member of our family. My mother-in-law has currently won over her affections by cooking REAL gravy to pour over her dog food anytime she wants it. A spoiling grandmother true to form.

Although she still pulls her head back a little when you reach to pet her, and still takes on a worried look when it's time to sweep, she has acclimated quite well and become very protective of her new home and family.
Everyone should have a friend like this one.