Monday, March 30, 2009

Tired Today, But A Good Sunday

My workout was really hard this morning for some reason.

I did a 3 mile run and then an unenthusiastic leg workout. I don't know why I felt so blah.
When I got home I weighed myself and I was 4 pounds lighter.
What I am guessing is that I either didn't eat enough this past weekend, and/or I drank too much coffee over the weekend and got a little dehydrated. I'm still pretty zonked, but I'm sure the energy will come back when I get some more food in me.
I should try that Green Goodness stuff that MauritaMason was telling me about, a fruit and vegetable concoction that will fill you with happy happy energy and joy.
Today seems like a perfect day to try it.

Yesterday afternoon, we took the top off the Jeep, packed up a lunch and our cameras, and rolled out to Brenham, about 90 miles away. We got some cool shots of these huge fields of Bluebonnets, the state flower, dontcha know.
Got a few good ones and had a great time even though it was a little chilly on the way back home. Allie, our Boxer, loved it. It was her first time in the Jeep... and maybe the last because she sheds all over everything, God bless her.

Here's way too many pictures of it all.

Hot girl and hotdog

Hot girl, hotdog, and cool kid



These people were trespassing. I tried to make a Citizen's Arrest, but none of them would put on the plastic handcuffs.



Bluebonnet and some other wild flower.

This is what Tristan would have preferred to do the entire time.

Allie enjoyed the Jeep ride, especially when she would hang her head over the side to let her jowls flap in the wind. HILARIOUS. It was a good day.