Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Close, But So Far...

Ok. I am waiting for a phone call from the guy selling me the Jeep. His plane will be landing in about 11 minutes.
He was supposed to have landed at 5:30 or so, but there was an accident in Aspen where he was flying in from. A plane skidded across the runway and needed assistance or something, and that held up or canceled flights. I know this because, when he told me, I called the Aspen airport to see if it was true.
It was.
It's just been a long road, full of road blocks, to getting this deal done, and I don't want to be getting jerked around.

Anyway, I should be leaving here in a few minutes to pick it up downtown... uptown, whatever. I'm tired and this is going to screw up my sleep and workout in the morning.

But you know what?


Keep your fingers crossed. I'll post pics tomorrow night or Friday if all goes well.