Saturday, April 11, 2009

Riding And Musics

I'm zapped, but in a good way.

I got some much needed rest since I didn't have to work today.
Later, I got a 30 mile bike in at a pretty quick pace. I was by myself, but it was cool. I'm going to try and ride everyday next week and most of the following week to build up my riding legs. It's amazing how much you lose after only three weeks, which is how long it's been since my last ride. I'm pretty tired from it, but it's a good tired. I'll sleep well tonight.

Right now, I'm at a church service. We just finished the music which was pretty awesome. It's kind of strange that I can count "church music" as awesome, but I gotta tell ya, being a musician for the past 23 years, I would be hard pressed to find better musicians or music than what I have right here. This ain't your Grandpappy's music.
We try not to limit ourselves with genre. Just about any "style" goes.
Anyway, I definitely get my musical fix here.

I hope everyone who cares, has a great Easter! Enjoy your families!

...and save me a Cadbury Egg...