Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playing House

It's been a nice, easy day today. Nothing really going on, nothing really pressing to be done.
It's been nice.
We've been watching House most of the day.
I LOVE this show!
If I'm not careful, I'll start acting like him. He's horrible and awesome.

I tried to modify a couple of high-powered halogen lights to use on photo shoots.
I got the idea from a professional photographer at last year's WPPI. He and another guy actually built a prototype of a light gun. It worked very well, but the type of pro video light they were using is pretty expensive. I'm going with one of their earlier builds and halogen bulbs (which tend to burn your retinas out when the you look into the light). I'm work on mods and diffusers now.
Anyway, it's fun to experiment.

Gotta go. House just ordered another brain surgery...


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