Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Castle Shots

Our last night at Disney World, we got better seats for the fireworks display at the castle. OUTSTANDING!

There was another family seated next to us, and they were taking pictures too.
They had a nice camera, but, as it seems to be the case in many cases, they didn't actually know how to use it, that is, how to take low light shots without a flash. They could see the beautiful image that would pop up on the display screen of my camera when I would take a shot of the dark castle. Eventually, they began to get frustrated that they couldn't get the same with theirs.

Me being me, I watched them for as long as I could bear before I tried to help out, in fact, even more than I probably should have. haha!
I would literally sit there and give them a photography lesson if they would just listen, but as it turned out, they were on vacation and all of my helpful advice made them change seats.
Amy gave me a weary eye roll. I think she even mouthed the words "NO".
She KNEW what I was thinking as I watched them struggling with that camera.

I can't help myself!
Yeah, I'm that guy.