Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm at church right now.

So you remember my situation back when I was wring more regularly right?
Ok, I'll fill you in.

I'm a musician. I play bass, have been for 25 years or so. Until two months ago, I was playing at my church (it was a paid gig) several times every week:
Wed night
Thurs night
Sat night
Sun 7:30am-1:15pm

That adds up to a LOT of time away from home, especially since I work full time as well.

Anyway, I've been playing this schedule, or a slight variation of it for the past 12 years!
I finally came to my senses and quit.
Well, not exactly quit, I just went to the music director and requested, no, demanded, no emphasized that I need to start playing at the other campus ASAP. Our church has another smaller church campus that serves another part of Houston.
They agreed, and now I have Saturdays off as well as a much reduced schedule on Sunday. My pay was also reduced, but if you figure my time and number of services I now play, it was actually a raise. So all is well. The thing is, if they would have denied it, I would have quit right then and there. I was beginning to get a little bitter about the whole thing, and I just didn't want to feel that way about my church.
All is well now, and I am really digging the extra time with the family. Tristan is especially happy about it.

So, another item on The List for 2011:
Family FIRST


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