Friday, January 9, 2009

Change Is In The Air

Welp. Today was the final day of Hell Week. That is, my first week back in the gym in a while. Sore, strained, and tired. It feels great to be back! I've been doing a full body workout everyday with focus on cardio. Next week will probably be the same thing, then I will start on a modified build up plan for the 70.3 Ironman. Modified, meaning really shortened and crammed into a shorter period of time. I'm going to take it carefully, but with intensity. My training partners should be back next week so it should be a little fun.

Amy is starting school next week for Phlebotomoy and this is going to create an interesting transportation situation. She will be at night classes when I need to be at my church gig (yeah, it pays) so it looks like we will be transforming from a one car family to a one car and a JEEP family. I'm pumped. I've wanted a Jeep for a long time.

Time to get my haircut now. Cya.