Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Working And Too Much Stuff

Well, it looks like I'll be working tomorrow. While I don't exactly want to work on a Saturday, I am happy about the extra $$$. It will help finance our Roadtrip in May. It's going to be a fairly cheap experience anyway, but every little bit helps. I should probably be saving for a rainy day that is coming and already here for many, but... well, I'm 37. I may not be physically ABLE to backpack in several years... or I could be dead.
I should definitely go for it now.

Sometimes I wonder about all the material things I/we have or want. They certainly don't rule my life, but I know I think a lot about protecting them, and hanging on to the stuff that's mine. That's when I realized that "things" really can add stress to your life.
I ask myself "What things do I need, or rather, what if I take a more minimalistic approach concerning my possessions? If anything I am redundant and the "duplicate toys" I have show that clearly. Let's see if I can make a slimmed down list...

1-Bass amp
1-Acoustic guitar
1-Reasonably sized house
1-Child (Quantity optional within reason on this one)

See, that was easy...
What about a cell phone? Can it have internet access?
Can I have 1-iPod too?

Of COURSE you can, Philip!

Thanks, you're a real pal, Phil.

I feel less stressed already.

Here's a song about Life and the inevitability of Death by the one and only
William Shatner!
(You have to hit play yourself because I don't want to annoy everyone with the auto-play feature... all two of you.)

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