Monday, February 2, 2009

Hell Of A Hail Storm

Yesterday, Amy and I cleaned out the garage, sort of getting it ready for the Jeep on Wed. We realized that the Jeep just isn't going to fit in there. I'm still slightly using one side of it for a storage area and makeshift gym. We still got a lot of things cleared out and organized the rest.

I had the boxes and bags slated to be thrown away sitting just outside the garage. I had planned on leaving them there overnight then moving them to the curb in the morning for trash pickup, but then it started to rain.

I decided to move everything back into the garage so it wouldn't get waterlogged, and it's a good thing I did too because the rain came hard. Then a few minutes into it, it started to hail. It was smacking the company truck and my car pretty hard so I ran out and pulled the car back into the garage.
Who cares about the company vehicle.
Then the hail started coming down REALLY hard. I don't think I've ever seen it that heavy. It was smacking down hard on everything, hitting the concrete and bouncing back into the air again. It gathered along the edges of the driveway, and there were piles of it around the bottom of the gutters.

After the rain let up, I went into the yard and gathered up hand fulls of the icy stuff. It was pea to marble-sized, and it was everywhere.

Got some pics:

Hail 3

Hail 2


My swim this morning went really well. I've already gotten faster and stronger over the past month. I'm finishing much better and it's all coming back. I practiced lane changing flip-turns this morning which will shave several seconds off my time with the Athens Tri, which is a pool swim.
My training partners have changed gyms so it looks like I'm definitely on my own now. That's ok though, I really think I'm going to go into this and mop the floor with their asses. Mu Mu Muhahahhaahahaaa!!