Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About That...

So, what I was writing yesterday, I'll continue along that path because it's important…

I'm in the ICU waiting room at St. Joseph's Hospital right now.
My mother-in-law had contracted the Flu, which turned into Pneumonia, which has almost killed her.
I'm not sure of the details, but basically her lungs were not processing oxygen, or something like that.
She's been in ICU now for 3 days.
Her condition is not worsening, but it hasn't gotten better yet either. She's not out of the woods, as it were. They have her intubated, and hooked up to all this monitoring equipment right now, seems like a hundred different tubes and hoses…She is sedated and her hands are constrained all of the time because of the intubation.
It's troubling to see.
Anyway, we're hoping things get better… obviously. If everything goes well, she may be off the ventilator in a few days, and then they'll observe her in ICU for another day or two. After that, I think she may go to another part of the hospital for another day or so, then we'll take her home with us until she gets her strength back.
This is how we hope it plays out anyways.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.