Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where'd I Go?

Well, APPARENTLY I took a vacation from my writing commitment as well.

The rest of our trip went well. I'll go back and (catch up) post some pics later.
When we got home, the AC was still broken. Ha! I guess it didn't fix itself while we were away.
The day we got back, I went to the supply store and bought a new fan motor for it, but because of some compatibility issues, it didn't start. It took me several days of working and troubleshooting to finally get it working. I may have saved a few hundred dollars, but I very easily could have caused thousands of dollars in damage.
I was lucky. Lesson learned.

I'm also finally back at work. My foot is almost completely healed now. I wasn't exactly "released" from my doc, but nobody's asking so I'm not telling.
This company sucks. Wow. I had forgotten how much they treat us like naughty children.
Somethings gotta change. Seriously considering going back to school and changing fields.
Any suggestions?

I ALSO started running again. Wow. Painful, but good. I'm on a slow slow build up now.


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