Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Off, Off To Work

It's Sunday and I'm at work.
It's ok though. I need the overtime. I'm used to making tons of overtime, but my four and a half months on disability left me with only base pay. That's still not bad, especially when it was full pay, but I'm used to the extra, the cream.
Today I'm making cream.

It's been hot around here: 95-98 with a heat index of 105+. Stifling.
Amy and Tristan are at her mother's, playing with the horses and having a ::sniff:: great Summer without me. Haha. It's lonely when I get home and the house is dark, but I know they're having a good time and I don't want to impede that. I think Amy is staying there until Monday, but I know "something" will come up and she'll want to stay longer, "something" like horseback riding. Haha.

I'm more awake than usual. Privacy because I got more sleep than usual, PLUS, I'm drinking coffee this morning, something which I have stopped doing. I must be getting tired in my old age. Things like playing music all night when I get home from work just aren't sounding so fun to me lately. MAYBE if I had some coffee before hand. I always have rush of inspiration after a cup.
Actually, I wonder if there is some Multivitamin or other supplement I should be taking at this age, almost 40.

I should go to a sports doc and get a blood workup so they can tell me where I am, how healthy, or not, I am, and if there is anything I my body needs.

Ok enough rambling. Off to work I go.


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