Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Straightened Out

I had a little hiccup with my "short term disability" a few weeks ago that has FINALLY been ironed out.
My doc's visit from several weeks ago had the doc telling me I was not ready to be released for another 6 weeks. This didn't jibe well with the Disability office because the doc's clinical notes were not included in their update.
THIS caused them to stop my pay for about 3 weeks.
Not good. Not fun.

Ultimately, I had to go back in for another doc's visit just so I could explain to the doc that he needed to send detailed clinical notes and x-rays to the Disability office or I wouldn't be getting paid.
He was very understanding and got everything handled. I am now approved until June 15th.
I have to admit, I'm shocked that it's taking this long for this injury to heal. I realize I COULD be causing that myself... which is why I'm taking it easy from now until then. The doc says it's not me, it's just the nature of this type of break:Low blood flow means slow healing.
Gotta get this thing right.
At least now I won't be in the poor house while that happens.