Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 9- Wyoming Is Wyde

This morning, we packed up our gear, and hit the road. We've decided to head out to Keystone, South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument.

We actually left Yellowstone a lot later than we planned.
There are several hotels and lodges spaced around Yellowstone. These lodges offer a cool service to backpackers by letting us pay for a shower without paying for a room there. So for $3.25 each, Amy and I both got a nice, hot bath in these really cool old clawed bath tubs at the Old Faithful Lodge. All I needed was a cigar and a cowboy hat and I would have been in a western movie.
I don't know why it was a $1 cheaper than the other hotel, but it was all good, AND the concierge gave us towels for free. FREE! You really appreciate the little things when you've been out in the woods with animals that want to eat you. haha
Anyway, we took our time with getting cleaned up then had a nice meal at the Old Faithful Grill while we chatted with the servers and cooks.
The workers and service people at Yellowstone are generally from all around the country. Most of them are retired, and do the "RV" thing, always very interesting conversations.

It was actually a little further to South Dakota than what I thought. We didn't want to pass through Mt. Rushmore in the dark so we've stopped in Gillette, Wyoming tonight. Tomorrow morning we'll see the monument and get back on the road.
So far, we've logged about 2,700 miles. We've got another 1,600 before we get home. No problem. ha!