Friday, January 16, 2009

Training And General Stuff

Well the training has been going great so far. This morning I finished my second week of intense workouts. The knee feels great, the lungs are coming back, and the muscle soreness is finally abating somewhat. All good stuff there.

Tomorrow the guys are doing a 40 mile bike, but I have to work so I won't be attending that. Soon I'll start getting on the bike in the evenings.
You know... Time is such a precious commodity. Balancing my time seems to be the biggest challenge of late. Since before Christmas, I've been running around just crazy, working my normal job which is 6 days a week a lot of time, working at my other job as a musician, trying to be a good dad and husband (when I'm there) with the little bit of time left over, and now, training again. I get up at 4:45am, get the gym by 5am and stay until around 6:45am or so. I do this so that I won't be tapping into the family time with all of this. Anyway... maybe I'm just feeling whiny because I'm not getting enough sleep... which is exactly what I'm going to do right now.
But first:
This morning as the sun rose, I noticed how strange and wintry the sky looked. I grabbed my camera, snapped a couple of shots, then ran it through Photoshop to warm it up a bit.