Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night...

For some reason, the boss didn't ride with me today. Maybe he heard about all the things you guys wanted me to do to him, hahaha. Those were some great ideas, and I will certainly keep them in mind.

I stayed on my toes today just in case and really didn't get around to commenting or replying to you guys. I'll do it tomorrow when it's not so late.

We just cleaned the tarantula cage. Yuck. Harriet seems much happier for it now.

I am off work tomorrow so a friend and I are going to do a 30 mile bike early in the morning. It should be fun, but it will be too slow, I just know it.

The Jeep...
I didn't get the Jeep last Wed because the guy still didn't have the title. Good news though, he called me tonight and says he has it IN HAND. The only problem, he's out of pocket and won't be back until NEXT Wed.
I give up.

Not really.
I want that Jeep BAD, but I'm trying not to think about it.

Harriet just tucked herself down into the new bedding which is exactly what I'm about to do... in my own bed though... and I may stretch out rather than tuck down. I dunno, it just depends on how I feel.

See you tomorrow, kids.