Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Emergency

So this morning, I hit the snooze from 7:00-7:30. I was supposed to be at rehearsal at 8:30.
As I stood bleary-eyed in front of the bathroom mirror, I thought: something was happening today... What was it?

Don't you just love that feeling? I managed to hurry, and was 45 minutes late rather than a full hour, but that was with no breakfast, or more importantly, coffee.
Luckily, I was already pretty solid on a our setlist. That's what Thursday night rehearsal is all about.

Did I mention that I hate Daylight Savings Time? I really really need... ok, want that extra hour.
Oh well, I'll have plenty of time to acclimate since I'm off work.
That being said, I'm ready to get back in the gym, early morning classes included. I've lost too much gym time already, read: cardio/lung capacity.
I hate, HATE that.
I'm thinking about hitting the gym twice a day, as my ankle permits that is. I've got almost two months to lock it in before my race in May.
The guys I train with are doing 20 mile bike/5mile run brick workouts now. Hopefully I can catch up to them pretty quick...

All in good time...


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