Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Call

I got a call from my grandmother today. I haven't heard from her in a few years. I know: pathetic.

She was wondering if I had heard from my parents lately. I said no, and asked if she had spoken to them recently. She said she had talked to my mom (her daughter) about two weeks earlier and mom had mentioned that they were going to Branson, Mo on vacation.
She said she's been trying to get in touch with them, but no one answers. She called my brothers and sister and THEY didn't answer either.
Anyway, she's worried about them because of the storms that have been going on in Missouri?
I dunno...
I haven't spoken to my mom in almost a year, or my dad in over a year and a half. This is what happens when you disown your parents. Grandmaw seemed to know about the things that have transpired, but didn't offer to talk about it.
I understand.
It's a nasty, awful thing, and frankly, Dad could drive off into a raging river for all I care. It's no less than he deserves... except maybe he should have a millstone tied around his neck.

I should give Grandmaw a call sometime and just talk. I'm wrong for never doing that...


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