Saturday, May 28, 2011

Snakebite Fever

Last night as I lay in bed, our boxer Layla climbed up and was nuzzling me, trying to get me to let her under the covers.
This is typical of her, and I usually let her in depending on whether it's too hot or not.
I didn't let her under, so she lay down and put her head right next to mine, breathing right in my ear.
It struck me as a little weird, but it wasn't until Amy climbed into bed about an hour later that I knew something was wrong.
Amy shook me awake and in a worried voice told me to get up and turn on the light.
Layla's face was swollen badly. Her eyes were swollen almost completely shut.
We examined her muzzle and finally found the tell-tale signs of a snake bite.
This is Copperhead country. This is the THIRD time she's been snake bit!
We called the vet, and he said as long as her breathing isn't labored or cut off, she should be ok with some Benadryl.
This morning, she's still pretty swollen, but seems to be better. She's country strong. ha!

Planning for our roadtrip is still underway. We've made some pretty big changes today, but that's the beauty of it: No Firm Agenda.
Plans will probably change even more along the way. It's going to be fun!