Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Loser

Why am I sitting here watching biggest loser?
I mean, I respect the fact that these people are trying to improve their lives, and in fact DO lose tons of weight, but, I dunno, I'd rather watch Bear Grylls or something. I like survival oriented reality shows.
Anyways... The girls somehow got control of the remote tonight so Biggest Loser it is.

We had another good ride this morning. I'm getting STRONGER!! I am finally feeling like I did before the foot accident. I'm back to being the fastest rider in our group (brag brag). Hehe!

The friend I rode with yesterday, whom I am NOT faster than, says my bike is set up for comfort, not speed. This is GREAT news. I'd rayed be fast than comfortable. We're going to try and hook up on a trainer to get the best fit. It will require taking the bike apart and rebuilding it. I'm all for it.

Tomorrow is a swim/elliptical day. I'm ready to extend that workout. Hopefully I can hang.


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