Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weddings And Competition

I'm at a wedding right now.
A friend, actually a student of mine, asked me to play for it, so here I am. I don't particularly enjoy weddings, even if I'm getting paid... which I'm not today, but that's ok. Shooting a wedding is a lot more fun and it pays WAY better... unless you're doing it for a friend.
I'm glad he didn't ask us to do that. We're already a little behind on our work.

The woman that IS shooting the wedding is new here, new to this church, and new to this town.

When we were starting out, and she was still working in Nashville, a mutual friend meaning well, connected us and we tried to have a pow-wow over the phone to discuss how/where to set some price points for our new business. She was NOT very forthcoming with information and actually seemed a bit offended that we and our friend were asking.
I suppose I get it, but at the time, she lived a thousand miles from us. We were not competition for her.
I think the slight animosity I detected came from her feelings on the way people are breaking into the business. Saturating it maybe?
Apparently, she has a degree in photography, and has been in the business for 18 years or so. She seemed to not like the idea of people taking a more direct route into the business. I get it.
In spite of that, I wish we had a better relationship... ANY kind of relationship really. Maybe if we hired her to take our pictures. Haha
Amy would never do that now...

Life goes on.


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