Saturday, February 5, 2011

These Are The Breaks

So there's the break. It's at the end of the 5th metatarsal. I just learned that today. I'm still not sure how to classify the break, but here's what I think it is: an avulsion (Jones fracture), it's probably going to need surgery. They would reinforce the bone with a screw.
The upside of surgery is that it will heal much faster(6-8weeks) than on it's own(6-18weeks), and will be less prone to re-injury... not that I plan on playing any more frakkin' basketball in the foreseeable future.

Moving on...

Today was Tristan's birthday. He is now,
oh em gee, 14 years old!

He had a few friends over last night, and today we just kind of focused the day around him. We got him a nice card, and in the card was a coupon for a new Boxer puppy!
He was super happy, as are Amy and I.

See, here's the deal, our older Boxer Allie is just about at the end of the line, she's approximately 12-13 years old, very old for a Boxer... She is almost unable to walk because of the arthritis in her back legs and hips, without medication she is incontinent, and her mental state is very deteriorated, according to the vet. While we try to mitigate her pain, she just doesn't seem happy or comfortable anymore...
It's going to be a hard, hard business saying our goodbyes for the last time...
BUT, the new puppy will absolutely soften the blow. We'll definitely get her in the next week or two, before Allie passes.
It will also be good for our other Boxer, Layla, who is only 3 years old, and was more or less raised by Allie.
So, how have you guys coped with the loss of a pet? Are we going about it in the best way?


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