Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

The Superbowl is going on today right?

Isn't that an event where some really big guys in tights run around a lined field throwing an oddly shaped brown ball about. Sometimes someone will catch the ball and all of the other guys will chase him this way and that until he surrenders or is thrown to the ground and dog-piled. Points are scored by the person who has the most original touchdown dance moves at the end of the field.
A field goal, which occurs when the ball is kicked through a large tuning fork, can also score a team points, but dancing is usually kept to a minimum during these times.

Prizes are also awarded to the most brilliantly painted beer bellies in the stands. I'm going to go get my paint and beer.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.
The half-time show should rock with The Boss.