Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok. I'm getting psyched now.

The triathlon is Saturday, but the package pickup and bike drop off will be tomorrow.

I've got my bike in the back of my Jeep right now. Tomorrow when I get off work, I'll head straight up to the Woodlands (just north of Houston) and take care of all that business.
Then, very early Saturday morning(4:45 or so) we'll head up for the race. There will be 1000 participants plus all the volunteers and spectators.
I expect somewhere around 3000. It should be REALLY cool.

I completely missed out on a workout today because of some extenuating circumstances, so I think I'll go for a very easy swim in the morning. Nothing serious, just get in the water and loosen up a bit with a few laps.
I feel good.
It's going to be a great race!