Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life Lessons And Dates

I think I may go for an early workout tomorrow to get it out of the way.
Amy and I are wanting to spend the day at the Zoo. I dunno. It's just something in the air that says:
Get outside and photograph the animals!!
...and maybe eat some ice cream and do other stuff too. A Date!
It will be fun and relaxing. Tristan will be at school so we will have no worries for a few hours.

Today we need to finish mowing the yard. Tristan and I started on it yesterday, but we got a late start (it was planned that way). The weed eater trouble kept us from finishing, but I know we can knock it out in an hour.
This is Tristan's first time to mow the yard. He's definitely in training, and I will be paying him to do it. I canceled our yard service a week ago, because he needs the work experience, plus he's getting older and he's wanting to earn his way. You gotta respect that. I just hope I've shown him how to properly save and manage what he earns. This is another life lesson.
I think he's going to do just fine.


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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone