Friday, February 13, 2009

The Tax Man Cometh

Amy and I are going to see the Tax man today.
I'm gonna get as much as I can outta that suckah. Since I'm a "contract" musician, I'm going to itemize everything I can and enhance the refund that I should already be getting from my "regular" job.

This guy is good about "reminding", and helping me identify the little things that I might otherwise overlook. The process usually takes about an hour, but it's so worth it.

I'll be glad to get this loose end out of the way early. We're planning on using the refund for a trip to Disney World which is really already booked and paid for... paying ourselves back I guess. The rest will go into savings.

Speaking of Disney World, we'll be leaving the day after my Athens triathlon, March 15th. Amy and Tristan went with my mother-in-law last year at Spring Break and can't say enough good things about it so I'm expecting that it'll be a blast. I think were booked there for five days so we should have plenty of time to do everything... twice.

I was SO drained after my workout this morning. It was only an hour on the elliptical, but I couldn't do anything else after that. Zapped.
I think I didn't eat enough last night or something... maybe by the end of the week all this training starts taking an accumulated toll.

That's why I'm going on a 40 mile bike tomorrow morning with the guys. haha.
It shouldn't be too bad though since there are more of us this time, 4 or 5, I'm sure we'll be going slower than when I'm by myself.
Hopefully it doesn't rain. I think scattered showers are on the menu...

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and then comes back to tell me all about it Monday.