Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taxes And Triathlons

The Taxman was good to us.

He's an Asian man, small of stature, but big in personality.
We've used him for the past three years and he's never failed to help us get back more that we expected.
Me being a contract musician helps as well as the courier work that Amy did. v
He also helped us get more help where the insurance company fell short with damage compensation for the hurricane. That was unexpected.
Later this year Amy will have a more "normal" job with W2s and all that. We really need to get the Photography business off the ground too...

Today we were supposed to go on a 40 mile bike, but, as usual, it really didn't pan out that way.

It turned out to be only myself and one other guy and he just isn't on the same page with me. We ended up riding for about an hour, then drove to a park where a Triathlon Club was holding a dualathon. Then we went to another park and rode for another half hour or so.
Not exactly a high intensity workout. It's ok though.
We still had fun.

I'm looking forward to next week. A mock sprint triathlon Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm hoping to get progressively faster and stronger, not progressively torn down. We'll see...

Have a great Saturday weekend.