Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Starts Tomorrow!

I'm excited.

Tomorrow morning, we're leaving for Disney World! It's going to be a nice, relaxing, hair-raising experience.

I hear the rides there are awesome. I'm going to be like the dad in the commercial who turns into a kid when he walks into Disney World. Tristan and I are going to go nuts.

It's funny.
My family went on a vacation to Florida and DW when I was a kid. That was a crazy trip. It was sort of awful.

We drove there in a '78 Ford Thunderbird, pulling a pop-up camper in the dead of Summer. There were 6 of us, and we three boys camped out in tents for the week we were there. haha. To make matters worse, I had a terrible ingrown toenail at the time. Good times, Good Tiiiimes!
I remember my dad saying, "Soak this up, kids. It may be 10 years before you get to come back here."
It's been 25 years. ha!
It's SO much different than it was way back when. Better and more rides.
Gonna be FUN!

I'll still be posting everyday as usual. I need to get the pics from the races up... for posterity of course... and to show off my manliness. ::cough::