Monday, May 18, 2009

Counting Down...

Amy and I are really starting to get ready for the roadtrip now.
Today she got the Jeep checked out, tire fixed, front-end alignment, and oil change. It's crazy to think that when we get back from our trip on June 2nd, it'll already need another oil change. 3,800 miles to Montana and back.

We decided that we'll leave on Friday right after I get off work, in fact, we'll be leaving directly from the office. I won't even go home that day. That way we can get a slight jump on the traffic.
We're going to drive nonstop to Denver, which should be around 18 hours. Then, we'll stay in that area for 3 days or so, backpacking, maybe a little white water rafting, and lots of photos.
We can't wait.
I pulled the backseat out of the Jeep and it looks like we'll have plenty of room for an ice chest, our backpacks, and maybe a couple of other bags. Kinda snug, but it's all good. I wonder what it'll be like to sleep in there? Hmmm...

I need to get some hiking boots tomorrow...

Amy will be starting an early morning shift tomorrow through the rest of the week. It's different, me getting Tristan ready in the mornings and taking him to school, but I like it. I'm a more "involved" dad now. He's just glad that this is the last week of school.
He'll be staying with his grandmother while we're gone.
He likes the big country at Grandmaw's house. His four-wheeler is there, his X-Box is there, his dogs are there, and his grandmother who will do just about anything for him will be there. We could probably be gone for a month and he wouldn't care.
Nah, he would... wouldn't he?