Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sooner The Better

I am so out of the loop.
I don't even know what's going on in Libya. The only reason I even mention it is because CNN has changed gears from the Japan earthquake.
I only knew about the earthquake and tsunami from Facebook.
I usually follow the news pretty closely. I read my digital newspaper pretty much everyday. However, since I've been off work, I haven't done much reading, and being sick for so long, haven't concerned myself with any news at all.
The freakin' world is falling apart.

That being said, I was taking personal stock of this year so far:
1. I've been sick THREE times this year.
2. I broke my foot and sprained my ankle.
3. My brother-in-law shattered his hand in a yet to be told drama story of his newlywed life.
4. My dog of almost 10 years died.
5. My mother-in-law almost died, and is STILL in ICU right now.
6. Out highly anticipated trip to Vegas mostly sucked.
7. The entire family had the flu at the same time.
8. It's only March.

I'll stop here.
I'm not a negative person, and some positive things HAVE happened this year. We got a new puppy, and I have a job that continues to pay me when I can't come to work.
I'm grateful for the good things, but this has been a messy year so far.
I'm hoping it gets better sooner rather than later.

My Lord. During my pity party I forgot to finish my thoughts:
In light of the truly devastating things going on around the world right now, my problems are minuscule. Just wanted to let you know that I've got a teensy bit of perspective left. Ha!