Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reunion First Night

We had a good time last night in spite of ourselves. It was so good to see old school friends again. I hadn't seen some of them in twenty years.
Last night was more of an informal, relaxed gathering. it was at some country club place. I haven't been out to a club of any kind in more that 3 years, but as soon as we got there(a little late) we were swarmed by people and cameras. haha it felt kind of like the paparazzi. The funny thing is, back in school, I wasn't all THAT popular or anything. I mean, I was sort of the funny guy/artist/nerd type I guess.
It's actually Facebook, that got me reacquainted with all the school folks over the last year in the ramp up to the reunion. I've "met" school chums online that I never hung out with at school, never even spoke more than a few words, so it was a little odd coming back and being treated like a long lost friend.
I gotta admit, I kinda liked it. Sure, the cheerleaders aren't as hot, but they were STILL cheerleaders right?
...Right? ha!
Twenty years of life will change a person.

Tonight will be the more formal gathering and dinner at a Hotel in Beaumont. I suppose there will be a lot more people there too since not everyone likes to parte'.
Should be lots o' fun.