Friday, April 15, 2011

SourceCode Swim

Today, I did another swim. I'm making a habit of this. I did the Ironman distance again. It looks like Fridays shall henceforth be called: Long Swim Friday.

I was beat when I got home. I truly don't see, at least at this point, how I could immediately get on a bike for 112 miles. I'm pretty sure my nutrition was off too. The past couple of Fridays, I've started out later in the day, and the breakfast was not heavy carb like it should be. Soon, I need to start doing swim/bike bricks, when the knee gets better anyways. All said, I DID manage to shave 10 minutes off my swim time. Last Friday was 1:34 minutes, today was 1:24ish.
I'm ready for some open water!

I also managed to get the rest of the blinds hung around the house. I only have TWO more to do, but they had to be custom cut and are on special order. I'll knock that out in 30 minutes.
I think me and Tristan are going to mow the grass tomorrow. It doesn't need it, but he can use the practice.

Oh yeah, after the swim, amy and I went to the movies and watched Source Code.

COOL movie! I definitely recommend it. I mean, it wasn't as good as say: Inception, but it held it's own and kept you guessing throughout, lots of action.

Have a good weekend!