Saturday, February 19, 2011


Did I say that the convention classes were starting today? HAHAHA!
They are, in fact, NOT starting today.
I don't get it. Anyway, classes start tomorrow at 12:30. I can't blame anyone but myself, EXCEPT, we're still having a great time. Again, no blood, no foul.

So today, again, we are lounging, going to catch a movie, see some sights, maybe hit the casino a LITTLE, and look for a good buffet.

We went through all the available classes and designed a good schedule for ourselves. Like I said, these platform classes begin tomorrow at 12:30 and go on into the night each day. Another booboo we made is that we are flying out on the 24th, the last day of the convention. There are only two or three classes on that day, but we still want to make them. This MIGHT make us miss our flight, but we think it may be worth it. It's not like I have rush home to make it to work. We'll see, we may be all "classed out" by that time.