Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Race Timing

I may have made a wee little mistake. I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and worked out arms. Those darn skull-crushers have my triceps really sore. I think it affected my swim... at least the way I FELT.
The swim itself went very well. I'm trying to figure out the best warm up before the race.
Go hard and fast for 300 meters or so, then get the heart rate back down before the 500 meter all-out swim,
Go nice and easy for 400-500meters before going all out on the swim?
I think the latter is the way to go.
I've done the fast warm up, and my 500meter race tine was 8:28, which is AWESOME... except for one thing: I miscounted my laps. I only swam 450 meters...
That HAS to be the case because today I did the slow warm up and made SURE I got the full 500 meters in for a time of 8:52.
Now, that may seem slower than my other time, but it is, in fact, faster. It means I added 50 meters, but only added 34 seconds. That is VERY good.
I compared my time to race times from last year and it looks like 8:52 would fall somewhere around the top 10%.
I'd be happy with that. Heck, I might improve if this soreness goes away.
Fingers crossed...


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