Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just finished playing here at church.

I've been walking around in my "walking cast" all day today. It hurts, tired I guess, but it's all good. I'm ready for Vegas.
I bought a cane at Walgreens, but when I tried it while wearing regular shoes, it didn't seem to help. Slowed me down, in fact.
Imma be rockin' the walking cast. Yeah.

We took Abby to the vet for some shots and a general check up. She did well, but is sore now.
We were in the same room, on the same table where we last saw Allie alive. I couldn't help but think about her. Miss her...

Oh yeah! Today is our 15th wedding anniversary!
Thank you, thank you.
I almost forgot!! I've been aware of it for the past couple of months, but I get right up to the day and almost lose it. Nice.

I am thoroughly in love with this woman.

She amazes me with her resourcefulness, competitiveness, and cutting wit.
There is probably no one else on this planet who will argue with me about who has the lowest cholesterol. Haha
She is kind, and loving, and caring. She takes care of me when I am well and when I am broken down.
I am wildly in love with her...
The Vegas trip is going to be our celebration, so, see you at the party!


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